Our Videos

Wild Fig Promo Video

Our main promo video, introducing you to our place, our land, our people, our values, our vision...!

reSisters Retreat!

short video highlighting our very first retreat, focused on bringing women together to learn about each other and themselves...and let go in the wilds of nature and the sea, while also connecting with local people and culture.

Frank & Melanie

Two of our guests from the UK describe their experience

Camilla and Jasper

Two of our guests from Denmark describe their experience

Shipwreck Beach (Navagio)

Named one of the "top ten most beautiful beaches in the world," Shipwreck beach on the island of Zakynthos is a stunning sweep of secluded ragged coastline, with deep azure blue waters so chromatic they seem unreal. We had a great day there, celebrating our first day back on the island for the Summer season of 2018!

Harvey and Fabiola

Two of our guests from the UK and Argentina describe their experience

Salina Beach

One of our favourite beaches, a great day with friends...

Festival of St. Dionysios

Greek festival on the island of Zakynthos, celebrating their patron saint.

Timna and Kai

Two of our guests from Germany describe their experience

Gone Fishing

Sometimes you just have to take the kayak and disappear to go fishing...every day is different at Wild Fig!


Every year in July, we celebrate the Festival of Mary Magdalene, who visited our village, Maries in 12 AD! The entire village comes out to dance, and sometimes you will see them do the 'zebeqiko" a traditional Zakynthinian dance the men do...

Shahda and her sister

Two of our guests from the UK, sisters, describe their experience