ReSISTERS Retreat (September 21 – 26th, 2020)

We are slowly coming out of one of the most difficult and disturbing global shifts of our time: the Corona Crisis.

For many, this was a deeply personal and embodied crisis, undoubtedly terrifying, but purposeful and inspiring at the same time. If you are looking for a place to reflect and restore your place in the world, please join us this September. We are located on a remote part of the island of Zakynthos, surrounded by 18 hectares of nature and our organic farm, safely isolated, no other public properties within 5 kilometers!

ReSISTERS is a a five-day holistic and immersive retreat that brings women from different walks of life together to share stories, resources, create community and collectively vision a better world. Even in uncertain times, maybe especially in uncertain times, our stories help cement our values and strengthen our connections. Sharing them shows us the way forward. Our retreat is a sanctuary, safe space and healing portal for women who want to dig deeper into their lives, spiritually and creatively, explore a new venture, or just ideate and recreate! Gender lensing a more ethical, humane, holistic and sustainable world!  

We offer:

  • Guided discussions on entrepreneurship, ethical leadership led by world-renowned thought leaders
  • Powering your purpose, empowering others
  • Yoga and mediation
  • Guided sea excursions to exquisite swim coves
  • Connecting to local community: Greek cooking classes, music, dance
  • Olive oil and wine tasting
  • Sacred festivals in the path of Mary Magdalen (who visited the island in 12 AD)
  • Hiking to ancient ruins and monasteries
  • Greek goddess wisdom

Connect with nature

Connect with other women

Connect with yourself

Note from Amie Williams, co-founder of Wild Fig Retreat: On my thirty-plus years journey working globally at the intersection of media, development and social justice, I’ve learned the  simple art of listening is one of the most precious and powerful tools we have to drive deep change. Listening internally to ourselves first and then widening out in broadening circles (as Rilke so beautifully expressed) to our family, community, universe. I believe powerful and surprising things happen when people searching find themselves in a room with strangers, discovering together new ways of seeing, new ways of being. I also learned that the best way to end suffering and poverty in the world is to listen to women and girls. When girls and women are safe, they lift entire communities up. Wild Fig Retreat was founded on these principles: listen,

Stay tuned for announcements of our practitioners!