Why not own a little piece of Greece?

Adopt an Olive Tree

Olive trees are an ancient symbol of peace, prosperity and love. Many live thousands of years and cannot be destroyed.

A unique and memorable gift to mark the holidays, the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one, a special anniversary or birthday, or just because you love olive oil! A sustainable, eco-friendly gift that lasts a lifetime. From our grove to your table. Part of the proceeds also go towards supporting the non-profit work of GLOBALGIRL MEDIA, a media/tech empowerment project in Athens that equips marginalized and refugee/migrant women with the tools they need to find jobs and compete in the digital world.

Your tree is part of a stunning grove nestled the mountainous northwest region of Zakynthos, where for centuries farmers have been harvesting the famous “kerameikos” olive.

Each adoption comes with:

  • Printed certificate with your dedication and photo of your tree.
  • One 500 ml bottle of 100% virgin olive oil in a beautiful hand-crafted wooden case (can order with or without the oil).
  • Free shipping
  • 10% discount on your next stay at Wild Fig Retreat—come visit your tree!

Please note: All our oil is harvested from our family groves within 12-18 hours of collection and is unfiltered, unrefined, cold-pressed 100% extra-virgin olive oil. Pungent, fruity, robust. You need to taste it to understand why we think there is simply no other olive oil like it.

Price: $100
(includes all of the above and free shipping and handling) Please allow two weeks for US deliveries and one week for European.

Address you want certificate mailed to:
Address you want olive oil mailed to:
Please indicate what you want written on your certificate: