Blog » Σούρουπο, or when the Dogs Awake.

Σούρουπο, or when the Dogs Awake.

There is a great word in Greek, “Suropo” which basically translates as dusk, but also means the time of the day when the darkness begins to rise. This time of day at Wild Fig is my favourite, when the heat of the summer slinks away like an errant child and the cicadas cease their constellate calling, and we can finally sit down at day’s end for a rest. But it’s also when our two dogs, (new additions at Wild Fig) Kefi and Marley start running around, getting into all kinds of trouble.

Kosta and I have been hard at work finishing the villa but also welcoming guests, who have travelled from places like Bristol, Paris, Copenhagen, Morocco, not expecting their flip flops to disappear! Both dogs are island dogs, which means they are used to roaming, chasing sheep and generally fiercely anti-domestic. Both mixed breeds, Kefi, (another Greek word meaning carefree), was a gift from a neighbour and Marley is an incorrigible, part golden retriever pup who was mysteriously left outside our gate. Bearing a distant resemblance to Bob Marley (hence the name) he also has a habit of biting toes. I swear he knows how cute he is so he can get away with ruining my most expensive pair of leather sandals and peeing on the new wood floor Kosta spent nearly 40 days on his knees installing.

Anyway, this time of day is also when I often take a walk on the land with our dogs, watching them lope through our fields and frolic through the vineyard, searching for anything they can ferret our that is new or tasty. lately its been our over-ripe tomatoes. Our garden is exploding in both color and abundance, and we have started giving away produce to keep up with the daily yield.